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How to treat Stress, Sleep Disturbances, Anxiety and Depression through Nutrition and Phytotherapy

Lately, a large percentage of the population have been presenting significant problems caused by modern life and stress. Some of them may be associated with chronic diseases such as obesity and may end up influencing our health and social life directly or indirectly.

However, many of these alterations could be treated and influenced by nutrition and healthy eating.


    • Stress - How to treat symptoms recurrent from chronic stress : migraines, fatigue, muscle pain, irritability, impulsivity, loss of memory.
    • Introduction to phytotherapy to modulate stress. How to treat it using healthy meals.
    • Sleep Disturbances: The sleep modulation through diet , supplements, phytotherapy.
    • Relationship between sleep x obesity x chronic diseases.
    • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Generalized Anxiety : Diet , Supplements and Phytotherapy.
    • Depression: Causes; Physiopathology.
    • Dysthymia, Recurrent Depression, Postnatal Depression, Menopausal Depression, Childhood Depression. Best diets, supplementation and phytotherapies for each case.


Target Audience: Health-related professionals.

Duration: 9 hours.


Dr. Bettina Moritz

Doutora em Neurociências - UFSC

Mestre em Nutrição - UFSC

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