Integral Health Brazil


The Salgado Institute of Integral Health is the result of combined knowledge acquired over the past 30 years of hard work and professional engagement, always focusing on health and quality of life.

Its history begins with clinical activities performed by directors, Dr. Afonso Salgado and Dr. Nilma Salgado, Physical Therapists that have been investing in trainings in state-of-the-art centers in Europe and in the United States for over 20 years , incorporating those trainings into the clinical practice and transferring to other professionals in lectures and workshops in Brazil and South America.

In August 1998, the Salgado Center of Physiotherapy Studies was created, posteriorly leading to the creation of the School of Manual Therapy and Posture and the International Course of Manual Therapy and Posture. The School has expanded throughout Brazil and ,for many years, continued the pioneering work bringing techniques that have revolutionized the way to approach treatment in physical therapy.

Understanding that a combination of approaches are crucial for better outcomes , we extended our operating market, promoting the Integrative Health concept, and initiated the Salgado Institute of Integral Health . In this new phase, we keep valuing excellence in knowledge, evidence-based information, the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient using all appropriate therapeutic approaches in order to achieve optimal health and care.

To promote access to high quality, cutting-edge information and trainings; to be able to contribute towards professional excellence; to focus on health´s promotion, well-being in an integrative approach.

To promote excellence in Integrative Health trainings and science, through the promotion of specialized services, exclusive products and high quality education in health related areas.

INNOVATION AND QUALITY as criteria for knowledge and trainings.

ETHIC AND RESPECT to all professionals creators of different methods and techniques that contributed to the development and improvement of health.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT as a natural process of evolution of the Integral Health.