Integral Health Brazil

Afonso Salgado PT, Ph.D.


Since mid 80´s, Dr. Afonso Salgado, CEO of Salgado Institute of Health, promotes and organizes national and international lectures, workshops and trainings, always with an innovative edge, introducing in Brazil new techniques and methods from cutting-edge science and research from various centers in Europe and USA.

Over 25 years of professional trajectory, Dr. Salgado brought to Brazil the following methods : Cyriax, Isostretching, Osteopathy, Podoposturology, Neuro Muscular Re-equilibrium, Biological Reading, Microkinesitherapie, among others. Other than trainings, Salgado Institute of Integral Health promoted ,in innumerous occasions, scientific tourism in the United States and Europe (EUROFISIO) , events that brought leverage to Brazilian physical therapy and further approximation between peers.

Research and trainings have been always key features at the Institution. Dr. Afonso Salgado is an author of three books, have published many articles and, since 2001, a Post-Grad course in Manual Therapy was created in partnership with CESUMAR ( Maringá University Center).

Dr. Afonso Salgado has a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Postdoctorate degree in Neurosciences. He holds a Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy and Functional Nutrition.