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“ Analysis of the PNS Effect in Women with Chronic LBP : a pilot study.”


The research team from Salgado Institute of Health in joint collaboration with the Neurophysiology Laboratory from Guarapuava State University in Brazil just has published an article named “ Analysis of the PNS Effect in Women with Chronic LBP : a pilot study.” The objective of this study was to analyze the effects of the Neural Postural Sensory Technique (PNS) on the pain, mobility, flexibility, muscle electrical activity and the heart rate variability in women diagnosed with chronic lower back pain. The technique consisted on applying a manual stimulation (pressure) at the exiting roots of the sciatic nerve. As a result, it was verified that occured a significant improvement at the postural stability, in the gluteous medium muscle activity as well as a regulation of the neurovegetative system.

These results clinically demonstrated that , the PNS technique is able to act not only on its muscle and articular component but especially on the neurovegetative system, improving the balance between the simpatic and parasympatic system which are, mosto of the time, the main triggering factors of other problems recurrents from chronic lumbar pain, i.e emotional and visceral components. Thus, the study was able to conclude that, the NPT technique is able to regulate all the components that are involved in the chronic lumbar pain.