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'Immediate effect of basic body awareness therapy on heart rate variability'

Immediate effect of basic body awareness therapy on heart rate variability.

Mantovani AM1, Fregonesi CE2, Lorençoni RM3, Savian NU4, Palma MR5, Salgado AS6, de Oliveira LV7, Parreira RB8.

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To determine the immediate effect of a Basic Body Awareness Therapy (BAT) session on measures of heart rate variability(HRV) in healthy young people.


13 healthy young subjects of both genders, who showed no illnesses related to the autonomic nervous system (ANS) underwent an ANS evaluation before and after conducting a session of BAT. The assessment of ANS activity was conducted through the HR with the aid of Nerve-Express(®) software. The BAT session lasted for 50 min and was performed by one investigator (blinded to the assessment procedures).


After BAT session significant improvement was found in the sympathetic and parasympathetic modulation (p < 0.05), and the general estimate of heart rate variability (p < 0.04).


BAT was found to be an effective, easy to apply and inexpensive therapeutic technique, able to change ANS in order to improve HR which may suggest better health conditions for participating individuals.

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